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AP News

Donahue comments on Kentucky train derailment fire

ChemE/EPP’s Neil Donahue comments on a Kentucky train derailment fire in AP News. Sulfur dioxide was thought to be released during the crash, prompting the residents of Rockcastle County to be evacuated. “It is just nasty, caustic, and acidic stuff that hurts. It’s unpleasant to be in,” Donahue says.

Royal Society of Chemistry

Donahue featured in podcast posted by the Royal Society of Chemistry

ChemE/EPP’s Neil Donahue was recently featured in a podcast posted by the Royal Society of Chemistry. In the “Intro to Air Pollution” episode on the show Brought to you by chemistry, he talks about air quality and how pollution can impact the body.

ABC News

Donahue comments on climate, environmental safety

ChemE/EPP’s Neil Donahue commented on a study that found Earth exceeds its “safe operating space for humanity” in six out of nine categories.

The Hill

Donahue comments on “climate havens”

ChemE/EPP’s Neil Donahue comments on “climate havens” with The Hill. “It’s an absurd concept with a grain of truth,” Donahue says.