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ABC News

Donahue comments on climate, environmental safety

ChemE/EPP’s Neil Donahue commented on a study that found Earth exceeds its “safe operating space for humanity” in six out of nine categories.

The Hill

Donahue comments on “climate havens”

ChemE/EPP’s Neil Donahue comments on “climate havens” with The Hill. “It’s an absurd concept with a grain of truth,” Donahue says.

AP News

Donahue discusses effects of chemicals from East Palestine train derailment

ChemE/EPP’s Neil Donahue discusses the effects of vinyl chloride and dioxins from the East Palestine train derailment with AP News. “Vinyl chloride is bad, dioxins are worse as carcinogens and that comes from burning,” he says.

NBC News

Presto collaborates on Ohio train derailment research

MechE’s Albert Presto collaborated on new research regarding chemicals released during the Ohio train derailment, finding high levels of acrolein.