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Daily Mail

Sullivan quoted on household product safety

MechE’s Ryan Sullivan was quoted in the Daily Mail about the safety of household cleaning products like air fresheners. “To a chemist ‘really clean’ would actually be no scent because the scent is caused by a chemical,” Sullivan first told the Washington Post.

The Guardian

Presto quoted on inequality of air pollution exposure

MechE’s Albert Presto was quoted by the Guardian on how people of color are historically more likely to be exposed to harmful air pollution. “People of color are more likely to be living near an industrial area or highway, and therefore have higher exposure.”


Donahue ranked on ScholarGPS

ChemE/EPP’s Neil Donahue ranked #20 in the aerosol specialty on ScholarGPS. Highly Ranked Scholars™ are identified by career productivity levels (number of publications), as well as the quality and impact of their work.


Sullivan shares thoughts on fragrance products in Yahoo

MechE’s Ryan Sullivan shares his thoughts on fragrance products in Yahoo. “Products can contain dozens of chemicals, and all it shows up as is one word on the ingredient list: fragrance,” he says.