About CAPS

We have a simple mission. In the Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies (CAPS), we strive to be world leaders in science, engineering, and policy covering the full role of fine particulate matter in the atmosphere.

Our goal in research is to substantially advance the state of knowledge across this spectrum, and to provide both policy-relevant research and to participate directly and actively in the evolution of environmental policy related to particulate matter. Members of CAPS are recognized internationally as leaders in the study of air quality and atmospheric chemistry.

An essential part of our mission is to educate tomorrow’s leaders in this field. We strive to integrate air quality and atmospheric chemistry into the undergraduate curricula of the many departments we represent. We provide extensive research opportunities for undergraduate research. At our core is an outstanding collection of graduate students from a broad range of disciplines. Our goal is for these students to become leaders in academia, government, and industry.

Our unifying theme is the behavior of particulate matter in the atmosphere, including emissions, formation, transformation, and deposition of particles, as well as their climatological and health effects.

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Graduate student opportunities

We are always looking for highly qualified and enthusiastic students for Ph.D. study in the Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies. You cannot apply to CAPS directly. You must send a regular Ph.D. application to one of the academic departments we are affiliated with. 

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