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CAPS faculty, researchers, and students have an extensive publication record, including more than 500 peer-reviewed publications and one of the major reference works in atmospheric chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, by John Seinfeld and Spyros Pandis.

10 recent publications

  • Oladeji, O, Saitas M, ... and Presto A. A, Air Pollutant Patterns and Human Health Risk following the East Palestine, Ohio, Train Derailment, Environmental Science and Technology Letters 10 680-685 (2023); DOI 10.1021/acs.estlett.3c00324
  • Sippial D, Uruci P, .. and Pandis S. N., Formation of secondary organic aerosol during the dark-ozonolysis of alpha-humulene, Environmental Science: Atmospheres 6 1025-1033 (2023); DOI 10.1039/d2ea00181k
  • Fomete S. K., Kubecka, J, Elm J and Jen, C. N., Limited Role of Malonic Acid in Sulfuric Acid–Dimethylamine New Particle Formation, ACS Omega 8 19807-19815 (2023); DOI 10.1021/acsomega.3c01643
  • Bowers B, Lou Z, and Sullivan, R.C., Nontarget analysis and fluorine atom balances of transformation products from UV/sulfite degradation of perfluoroalkyl contaminants, Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts, 25 472-483 (2023), DOI 10.1039/d2em00425a
  • Wang X, Gordon H, and others, Contribution of regional aerosol nucleation to low-level CCN in an Amazonian deep convective environment: results from a regionally nested global model, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 23 4431-4461 (2023), DOI 10.5194/acp-23-4431-2023
air pollution maps

Source: College of Engineering

Air pollution maps from research to create tools to estimate the societal costs of air pollution, which was published by Peter Adams in the Journal Environmental Research Letters.

  • Wang, MY; Xiao, M; … Donahue, NM; Synergistic HNO3-H2SO4-NH3 upper tropospheric particle formation, Nature, 605 7910 (2022)
  • Saha, PK; Presto, AA; Hankey, S; Marshall, JD; Robinson, AL; Racial-ethnic exposure disparities to airborne ultrafine particles in the United States, Environmental Research Letters, 17 10 (2022)
  • Tanzer-Gruener, R; Rajan, PE; Dugan, LD; Bier, ME; Robinson, AL; Presto, AA; Watching Paint Dry: Organic Vapor Emissions from Architectural Coatings and their Impact on Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation, Environmental Science & Technology, 56 16 (2022)
  • Habib, L; Donahue, N; Single particle measurements of mixing between mimics for biomass burning and aged secondary organic aerosols, Environmental Science-Atmospheres, 2 4 (2022)
  • Johnson, JS; Jen, CN; A sulfuric acid nucleation potential model for the atmosphere, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 22 12 (2022)
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